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"Askel" Means Step
by Gene Meir
The story of the Hanka Homestead, a Finnish pioneer homestead on Askel Hill in Baraga County in Michigan's Copper Country. The homestead was originally owned by sharecropper Herman Hanka, who came to work in the copper mines near Calumet, MI. It was restored in 1981, is listed in the National Registry of Historic places, and is a Heritage Site of Keweenaw National Historical Park. Illustrated throughout with historic photos. 98 pages.

Copper Country Journal: The Diary of Schoolmaster Henry Hobart, 1863-1864
by Mason
Henry Hobart was twenty-one when he traveled to the Keweenaw Peninsula to teach the children of the Cliff Mine workers. His diary provides a firsthand account of the workers and their families, the unsafe working conditions in the mines and the impact of the mine on employees and the community. Historic photographs. 346 pages.

Copper Country Postcards: A View of the Past from the Keweenaw Peninsula
by Nancy Ann Sanderson
The scenes captured in this book give a glimpse of what the Copper Country was like in the first half of the twentieth century. The book contains just under three hundred postcards featuring a variety of topics: mining, mills, machines, shipping, the strike of 1913, towns and villages, and a smattering of other images. 172 pages.

Copper Country Rail
by George Anderson and Richard Taylor
The copper mining industry in Michigan's Upper Peninsula depended on a complex system of railroads which operated from the early 1870s until 1976. In this book, the rich story of Copper Country railroads is told through a collection of historic photographs. 127 pages, black and white photographs.

A Guide to Michigan's Historic Keweenaw Copper District
by Lawrence J. Malloy
This guide contains over 125 historic photographs of Michigan's Copper Country. It has maps listing over 350 mining localities and over 300 names of towns, locations, and railroad names. 118 pages. Spiral bound.

Cradle to Grave
by Larry Lankton
Well-researched and very readable account of the rise and decline of the copper mining industry in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. Winner of 1992 Great Lakes History Prize. 309 pages.

Downtown Calumet: Guide to the Historic Mining Community
This walking tour guide for downtown Calumet, MI, takes you on a journey through the history and heritage of this historic mining community, with information and stories about 26 buildings and sites. 20 pages.

Finns in Michigan
by Gary Kaunonen
A study of the contributions of Michigan's Finns in the workplace, in society, and in cultural life. Kaunonen presents an accurate representation of "the good, the bad, and the other" activities of a group he calls "possibly America's most diverse family". 123 pages, black and white photos, recipes, notes, and references.

French Canadians in Michigan
by John DuLong
The author explores the history and influence of early fur-trading French Canadian settlers and traces the 19th and 20th century waves of migration from Quebec. 57 pages, black and white photos.

Going Back to Central: On the Road in Search of the Past in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
by Emerick
Fascinating stories and information about the people and places of the Upper Peninsula's Copper Country and Iron Range. Emerick's search for his Cornish ancestors leads us easily from one place and one adventure to the next. Color photos. 159 pages.

Historic Pipe Organs of the Keweenaw: Houghton County, Michigan
by Anita Campbell and Jan Dalquist
The Keweenaw is unique to have an abundance of historic pipe organs still in service. This booklet gives a history of 14 of the remaining organs, and a brief history of the churches that house these treasures. Color photos. Paper, 34 pages.

Hollowed Ground: Copper Mining and Community Building on Lake Superior, 1840's - 1990's
by Larry Lankton
This book provides an informative and absorbing account of copper mining on Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. By focusing on the region's three largest copper producers, it documents the dynamic evolution of the Keweenaw's social and industrial landscapes, giving a context for understanding those landscapes today. Paper, 375 pages.

Houghton County, 1870 - 1920
by Richard Taylor
A collection of archival photographs from the heyday of Michigan's Houghton County. Rich copper mines brought immigrants from England, Germany, Italy, Finland, Ireland, the Austro-Hungarian empire and French Canada. Photographs in this collection depict the people, the mines, and the towns that grew up around them. 127 pages.

Industrial Calumet -
A Guide to the Calumet & Hecla Copper Mining Company's Industrial Site

A walking tour guide for the former surface operations of the Calumet & Hecla Copper mining company in Calumet, Michigan. The guide assists visitors in walking around the site by providing descriptions of the remaining structures and their past functions. 12 pages.

Keweenaw National Historical Park Pin
Shiny copper pin with white KNHP logo design. Pin measures 3/4" x 1 1/16".

Mine Collar Mystery
by Fourth Grade Students, C-L-K Elementary School
A fanciful tale of time travel through Copper Country history, where children in 2006 meet a young miner from the past on their school playground. 24 pages, children's illustrations.

Mine Towns: Buildings for Workers in Michigan's Copper Country
by Alison K. Hoagland
The first working-class history of domestic life in Copper Country company towns during the years of 1890 to 1918, this book investigates how the architecture of a company town revealed the paternal relationship that existed between the company managers and workers. Paper, 307 pages.

Miskwabik - Red Metal: The Roles Played by Michigan's Copper in Prehistoric North America
by Halsay
Since at least 3000 B.C. Michigan copper has played a significant role in the lives and afterlives of Native American societies. This small book traces the development of copper mining and its impact on prehistoric communities in the Upper Midwest, including Isle Royale. Black and white photos. 20 pages.

Old Reliable: An Illustrated History of the Quincy Mining Company
by Lankton and Hyde
From its opening in 1846 to its demise over 100 years later, The Quincy Mining Company was one of the Copper Country's most successful and productive mining operations. Photos and maps throughout. 160 pages. Cloth.

Quincy Mining Company: A Look at the Architecture and Communities of the Quincy Mining Company
A brief history of one of the Keweenaw Peninsula's great mining communities. With drawings, maps, and diagrams produced by the Historic American Engineering Record, Heritage Conservation and Recreation service and the Dept. of the Interior. 40 pages.

So Cold a Sky: Upper Michigan Weather Stories
by Karl Bohnak
Karl Bohnak has forecasted the weather on WLUC-TV6, Marquette since 1988. His broadcasting career spans four decades. In his first book, he combines his love of history and weather in this entertaining chronicle of how weather has affected the inhabitants of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Paper, 338 pages.

Self-Guided Geologic Field Trip to the Keweenaw Peninsula
Bornhorst & Rose
Travel directions, maps, diagrams and explanations for exploring the geological formations of the Keweenaw Peninsula on your own. 183 pages. Spiral bound.

Sneakers Tours the Quincy Steam Hoist
by Jim Lowell
Illustrated by Susan Robinson
Learn all about the Quincy steam hoist along with Sneakers the cat. This book is first in a series of Keweenaw National Historical Park heritage sites adventures with Sneakers. Paper, 30 pages.

Strangers and Sojourners
by Thurner
A history of Michiganís Copper Country from the first Native American communities through the era of European immigration, with an analysis of labor relations in the copper mining era. 362 pages.

Walking Paths and Protected Lands of the Keweenaw
Edited by Joan Chadde
A lovely little guide to some of the most beautiful walkways in the Keweenaw. Directions, descriptions, and history of 22 protected areas, illustrated with maps and photos for those who wish to experience the Keweenaw from off the beaten trail. 80 pages, full color.

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