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Apparel & Gifts

Isle Royale NP Benchmark: Medallion, Pin or Zipper Pull
$4.00 - Medallion
$3.50 - Pin
$4.00 - Zipper Pull
A silver tone medallion, pin, or zipper pull (or charm) depicting a wolf, with Isle Royale's benchmark (elevation, latitude and longitude). Medallion is 1 3/4" in diameter, pin is 7/8" in diameter, and zipper pull is 3/4" in diameter.

Isle Royale Moose Patch
A round (2 7/8" dia.) embroidered patch featuring a bull moose overlooking the water and the words Isle Royale Michigan with a green border.

Isle Royale National Park Pins
$4.50 - Wolf
$4.50 - Moose
$4.50 - Loon
A colorful pin depicting either a wolf, a moose, or a loon with Isle Royale National Park in gold-tone lettering. 7/8" in diameter.

Wolf-Moose Snowflake T-shirt
$16.95 - Blue Small
$16.95 - Blue Medium
$16.95 - Blue Large
$16.95 - Blue Extra Large
$18.95 - Blue 2X Large

$16.95 - Gray Small
$16.95 - Gray Medium
$16.95 - Gray Large
$16.95 - Gray Extra Large
$18.95 - Gray 2X Large

IRKPA licensed George Desort's original design of wolf and moose tracks that form a snowflake! Lettering on shirt reads "Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale" and "". Printed in white, accented with light blue on preshrunk 100% cotton in royal blue or charcoal gray.

Isle Royale National Park Hiking Medallions
Features the same image as the wolf or loon pins, but is 1 3/4" in diameter (wolf), or 1 1/4" in diameter (loon), and includes 2 brad nails to attach it to your hiking staff.
$5.95 Wolf Hiking Medallion
$5.95 Loon Hiking Medallion
$5.95 Moose Hiking Medallion

Keweenaw National Historical Park Pin
Shiny copper colored pin with white KNHP logo design. Pin measures 3/4" x 1 1/16".

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Hiking, Camping and Paddling | Isle Royale | Keweenaw |
Kids and Young Adults | Lake Superior/Great Lakes | Literature |
Native Americans | Natural Sciences | Travel and Parks | Wildlife

To top of page. Maps and Charts
To receive your items neatly rolled, be sure to add the tube listed with your map or poster-if you are ordering more than one, select the largest tube from the items you are ordering-most orders can be rolled in just one medium or large tube.

Shipwreck Map of Lake Superior
Attractive, fascinating and historically accurate shipwreck chart of Lake Superior. A double-ink printing technique is used to create the dark navy blue on cream paper. For anyone interested in shipwrecks, this map offers the best information regarding when, where and what. 24" x 30" - comes with it's own mailing tube.

Trails Illustrated Map
Revised 2006. Complete topographic map includes valuable wilderness tips and Leave No Trace guidelines, along with updated trails, trailheads, points of interest, campgrounds and much more. Printed on waterproof, tear-resistant material with a plastic coating for extreme durability. Measures 4" x 9" folded and 25" x 37" fully opened with one half of Isle Royale on each side of the map. Scale = 1:50,000.

Trails Illustrated Wall Map
$3.50 Medium Mailing Tube
Colorful National Geographic topographic map of Isle Royale National Park suitable for framing. Includes park information and mileage chart. 24" x 36". Rolled in a clear plastic tube; an additional charge of $3.50 will be added to your order for a mailing tube.

NOAA Lake Charts
Official navigational charts for Isle Royale, Lake Superior, Grand Portage, Portage Canal, and the Great Lakes. Soundings in feet. Available folded or rolled-if rolled add the mailing tube.
Large Mailing Tube $4.00-add only one for rolled chart(s)
Isle Royale - #14976 - $22.50
Grand Portage - #14968 - $22.50
Portage Canal - Houghton/Hancock - #14972 - $22.50
Keweenaw Peninsula - #14964 - $22.50
Keweenaw Bay - #14971 - $22.50
Lake Superior - #14961 - $22.50
Great Lakes - #14500 - $22.50

US Geological Survey Map of Isle Royale
$12.00 Folded
$12.00 Rolled (add mailing tube)
$3.00 Small Mailing Tube-add only one for all rolled map(s)/poster(s).
Complete Isle Royale Topographic Map. Trails, campsites & docks designated. Printed on one side on waterproof, tearproof paper. Order folded, or add mailing tube for rolled.

To top of page. Posters
To receive your items neatly rolled, be sure to add the tube listed with your map or poster - if you are ordering more than one, select the largest tube from the items you are ordering - most orders can be rolled in just one medium or large tube.

Advice From a Moose Poster
$3.50 Medium Mailing Tube-add only one for all rolled poster(s).
Think big - Spend time in the woods - Eat plenty of greens - Hold your head up high - Stay on track - Keep your nose clean - It's OK to be a little wild! 22" x 28".

1939 Isle Royale Map
$3.50 Medium Mailing Tube-add only one for all rolled poster(s).
A beautiful color replication of the 1939 map by Elmer Kraus. Detailed border is a series of drawing depicting Isle Royale history and wildlife. 22" x 30".

Celebrating Wolves
$3.50 Medium Mailing Tube-add only one for all rolled poster(s).
From an original watercolor by wolf / moose researcher Rolf O. Peterson. 18" x 24".

Full Moon Canoe
$3.50 Medium Mailing Tube-add only one for all rolled poster(s).
A photograph of a full moon over Lake Superior and the rocky Isle Royale shoreline. Blues, purples, and black on lavender/gray. By Eddie Soloway, a past Artist in Residence. 23" x 19".

Isle Royale Portage
$3.50 Medium Mailing Tube-add only one for all rolled poster(s).
A colored pencil drawing depicting the rocky shoreline of Duncan Bay. Blues, grays, and browns on white. By Betsy Holster, a past Artist in Residence. 24" x 36".

Lake Superior Beach Stones Poster
$3.50 Medium Mailing Tube-add only one for all rolled poster(s).
A painting depicting the common and colorful beach stones of Isle Royale and the Keweenaw Peninsula. Multi-colored with a black border. 16" x 20".

The Lights of Isle Royale
$3.50 Medium Mailing Tube-add only one for all rolled poster(s).
Color photographs of the four Isle Royale Lights -- Passage Island, Rock Harbor, Isle Royale, and Rock of Ages -- by John and Ann Mahan superimposed on historic images of lighthouse keepers from the park collection. 18" x 24".

by Gendron Jensen
$3.50 Medium Mailing Tube-add only one for all rolled poster(s).
A lithograph image of a bull moose skull found on Isle Royale in 1985. The antlers, spanning four feet across, are the most impressive ever collected by researchers on the island. Configured within the lithograph is an echoing of a female wolf skull collected on the island in 1994. The title of this poster refers to the Ojibwe name for Isle Royale, "Minong". 20" X 24".

Northern Lights
$3.50 Medium Mailing Tube-add only one for all rolled poster(s).
A photograph of the Northern Lights over Isle Royale's Tobin Harbor. A dramatic image in greens and yellows on black. By Dan Urbanski, a past Artist in Residence. 24" x 26".

Wolf / Moose Study Poster Wolf / Moose Study 50th Anniversary Poster
$3.50 Medium Mailing Tube-add only one for all rolled poster(s).
Limited edition poster celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Isle Royale wolf / moose study. Poster is 15" x 24".

To top of page. Games and Puzzles

Charley Harper Bird Puzzle
Harper's "Mystery of the Missing Migrants" painting has been made into this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Includes a key identifying each bird pictured. 29" x 20".

Scavenger hunt games about nature bandanas designed to teach kids about the environment in a fun, different way. No loose pieces, easy to carry, washable, wearable, educational, reusable. Available in 3 games: Tree Quest (ages 9-adult), Nature Quest, Star Quest, Autumn Quest & Great Lakes Quest (7-adult) New! Isle Royale Fundana! Royal Blue or Hunter Green.
$7.50 - Tree Quest
$7.50 - Nature Quest
$7.50 - Star Quest - glows in the dark!
$7.50 - Autumn Quest
$7.50 - Great Lakes Quest
$7.50 - Isle Royale ~ Royal Blue
$7.50 - Isle Royale ~ Hunter Green

Isle Royale Adventure Game
Experience the adventure and romance of Isle Royale National Park... yesterday and today. A board game for 2-4 players, ages 8 to adult.

Jr. RangerLand National Park Board Game
Discover the United States National Parks! In this fun-filled game of color matching and exploration, players collect Explorer Cards as they journey to National Parks throughout the United States, including Isle Royale. A board game for 2-4 players, ages 4 and up. No reading required. Haywood Studios donates a portion of its Jr. RangerLand profits to the NPS.

Jr. RangerLand National Park Puzzle
Throughout the United States there are almost 400 National Parks, Battlefields, Recreation Areas, Seashores, Historical Sites, Memorials, Rivers, Parkways and other National sites. You can visit a Civil War battlefield or spend a day at the beach. There are hundreds of places to explore! Ages 4 and up. 24" x 18", 48 pieces. Haywood Studios donates a portion of its Jr. RangerLand profits to the NPS.

Lake Superior Map Puzzle
500 piece puzzle of a detailed map of Lake Superior. 18" x 24"

Superior Beach Stones Puzzle
A 550-piece puzzle made from beautiful original artwork by Susan Robinson.

To top of page. Value Packages

Fishing Package
Large Mailing Tube $4.00-add only one for rolled chart(s)
Includes the Isle Royale Navigational Chart 14976 (Folded or Rolled; if you would like your chart rolled, please add a mailing tube), the book "The Fishes of Isle Royale," and a copy of Isle Royale fishing regulations.

Hiking & Canoeing Package
Includes the Trails Illustrated map, the book "Isle Royale National Park: Foot Trails and Water Routes," fourth edition, and the park checklists of birds, mammals, and rocks.

To top of page. Videos

Exploring Isle Royale
$21.95 ~ DVD
Orientation video produced by the National Park Service. Shows how to best enjoy the Island's many attributes, including its trails, lakes, and campsites. Winner of the 1995 Michigan Outdoor Writers Association Best Outdoor Travel Program. 28 minutes.

Fishermen of Isle Royale VHS
The story of commercial gill-net fisheries at Isle Royale National Park s told by local fishermen Pete Edisen and Myrtle and Milford Johnson (now all deceased). Excellent photography illustrates the fishermenís folk culture against the back drop of a modern National Park. Released in 1976 - full color, 20 minutes.

Fortunate Wilderness
by George Desort
$20.00 ~ DVD
Scientists have been studying the interactions and interdependence of wolves and moose at Isle Royale National Park for half a century. It is the longest continuous predator-prey study ever conducted. Filmmaker George Desort spent over four years with the researchers gathering material.International Wildlife Film Festival Finalist 2009. 60 minutes.

Isle Royale and Beyond DVD
by Ann & John Mahan
Through photography, authentic Isle Royale sounds, music, and their narration, John & Ann Mahan capture the essence of the Isle Royale experience. They explore the uniqueness and beauty of the island wilderness - sharing their adventures, knowledge, and passion about the island. 49 minutes.

Isle Royale Autumn:
Shipwrecks, Lighthouses, and Northwoods Wilderness - An Aerial Photo Tour DVD

by Neil Harri
This DVD is the first in a series featuring Isle Royale. The air tour begins at Middle Island Passage and Moskey Basin. It continues along Rock Harbor to Passage Island, the north shore, McCargoe Cove, Chippewa Harbor, Siskiwit Bay, Lake Desor, Washington Harbor, and Windigo. The tour ends at the century old Rock of Ages lighthouse. The four lighthouses of Isle Royale and two of the island's shipwrecks are featured as well.

Isle Royale Summer:
Shipwrecks, Lighthouses, and Northwoods Wilderness - An Aerial Photo Tour DVD

by Neil Harri
An aerial circle tour of an Isle Royale summer day, starting with Moskey Basin, on to Rock Harbor, Mott Island, Blake Point, Passage Island, and the island's north shore with footage of Amygdaloid Island, McCargoe, Washington Harbor, and Windigo. The flight continues over the south shore with footage of Rock of Ages Light, Siskiwit Bay,the Isle Royale Light, and Chippewa Harbor. 32 minutes, with slideshow and gallery.

Isle Royale Winter:
Shipwrecks, Lighthouses, and Northwoods Wilderness - An Aerial Photo Tour DVD

by Neil Harri
This DVD is the second in the series featuring Isle Royale. It contains 170 all new images shot in early winter with the ice just forming and snow covering the area. See the blue skies against the cold waters of Lake Superior and snow-covered landscapes of Isle Royale. Over 30 minutes long.

Isle Royale Impressions DVD
New lower price! Video by Carl TerHaar of Isle Royale's shoreline, lakes, ridges, woods, fog and storms showing visitors enjoying hiking, boating, fishing, camping, canoeing and kayaking in the island wilderness. There are many wildlife scenes of loons, moose, beaver, eagles and otter set to classical music. 20 minutes.
-Not compatible with Sony® DVD/VHS Combo players!

Isle Royale Impressions Volume II DVD
New lower price! All new video by Carl TerHaar of the beauty and serenity of Isle Royale, the many moods of Lake Superior, the ever present loons, magnificent moose, and the elusive wolves of this remote island wilderness. Set to the instrumental music of Bradley Joseph. 25 minutes.

Isle Royale Lights
$5.00 ~ VHS
$21.95 ~ DVD
Volume II in the Lake Superior Lighthouses series. Contains a complete history of the four Isle Royale Lighthouses. 55 minutes.

Michigan's Copper Country - The Keweenaw National Historical Park
$5.00 ~ VHS
$21.95 ~ DVD
A video trip to the cooperating sites of the Keweenaw National Historical Park: Quincy Mine Hoist and Underground Mine, Fort Wilkins State Park, Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Historic Calumet and more. 55 minutes.

Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale
$17.95 ~ DVD
In this two-part video lecture from 2006, well-known wildlife ecologist Dr. John Vucetich interprets nearly 50 years of research on the tenuous relationship between the single predator, single prey large mammal ecosystem of Isle Royale in Lake Superior. With over 130 photographs, maps, and illustrations, this lecture with extensive photo documentation is a rich visual experience and leads to a deeper appreciation for ecological research and biodiversity. Run time 1 hour 35 minutes, in two segments.

To top of page. Audio

Birding By Ear, Eastern and Central U.S. SALE!
Edited by Roger Tory Peterson. Learn to recognize birds by their songs and calls. 86 common species are arranged into 17 groups such as "whistlers," "name-sayers," and "mimics." 2 audio CDs with printed guide.

To top of page. Miscellaneous

Blank Journals
$6.95 - Loon Cover
$6.95 - Wolf Cover
$6.95 - Moose Cover
5 1/2" by 8 1/2" blank journals with lined paper. Cover photos by Jim Brandenburg.

by Andrew Gottlieb
Isle Royale Artist in Residence Andrew Gottlieb's poem "Daybreak" red and black print on heavy cream paper. Signed and numbered. Suitable for framing. 10" x 17"

$ .50 Birds
$ .50 Mammals
$ .50 Rocks
Lists of over 125 birds, 21 mammals, or 26 rocks and minerals found on Isle Royale with notes on abundance, period of residence and general information.

Kid's Ethnic Recipe Notecards
$10.95 Ten cards in each packet, each with a different recipe and sepia-toned historic photograph. These recipes from Finland, Croatia, Italy, Spain, and Denmark were winners in our Keweenaw kid's ethnic recipe contest. The back of each card has the child's family story, and the inside is blank for your message.

Mac's Pocket Guide Isle Royale
Full color pocket guide of most of the mammals and birds found on Isle Royale.

Night Sky Planisphere
$11.95 - Large
$7.50 - Small
The original two-sided planisphere designed for low distortion, computer plotted for accuracy and printed with a light background for easy night readability. 40-50 degrees latitude. Plastic.

Passport to Your National Parks Book
$8.95 Passport Book
$5.95 Kid's Passport Companion
The Passport book is the perfect companion for national park visitors. Inside are maps, photographs and park information, along with spaces to collect the commemorative Passport stamps issued each year. When you visit a national park, get your Passport cancelled. The cancellations record the park's name and date of your visit!

Passport to Your National Parks Stamp Series
Annual stamp series for the Passport to Your National Parks book. Each series includes 10 stamps (one national and 9 regional) to peel off and place in your passport book. Available for 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.
$3.95 - 2001 Series featuring Isle Royale!
$3.95 - 2002 Series
$3.95 - 2003 Series
$3.95 - 2004 Series
$3.95 - 2005 Series
$3.95 - 2006 Series
$3.95 - 2007 Series
$3.95 - 2008 Series
$3.95 - 2009 Series
$3.95 - 2010 Series
$3.95 - 2011 Series
$3.95 - 2012 Series
$3.95 - 2013 Series
$3.95 - 2014 Series

Notecards by Rolf Peterson
$6.95 Celebrating the Wolves of Isle Royale National Park
$6.95 Middle Pack, Siskiwit Bay, Isle Royale National Park
$6.95 Snow Falling on Wolves Notecards from original watercolors by Rolf O. Peterson, each set includes 5 notecards of the same image, and are blank inside. Envelopes included.

Rock Harbor Lighthouse Ornament
Gold-edged porcelain ornament with the image of the Rock Harbor lighthouse on the front, and information on the Rock Harbor light on the back. 4" diameter with red ribbon, comes boxed.

Rock of Ages Ornament
Gold-edged porcelain ornament with the image of the Rock of Ages lighthouse on the front, and information on the ROA light on the back. 4" diameter with red ribbon, comes boxed.

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